VOLUME & Studio Rentals

CPH Studio & VOLUME Rental

Produce content virtually anywhere in the world with our LED VOLUME, or use our LED wall to project any color, image, or video background. 

  • 2,500 sq. ft. stage

  • 50’x12’ LED wall (use as virtual environment, solid backdrop, or set extension)

  • 12ft x 14ft loading dock door

  • Green room

  • kitchenette

  • 200 amps of 3-phase electricity 



  • 6 hrs - 8am-2pm, 3pm-9pm

  • 9 hrs - 8am-5pm

  • 12 hrs -  8am-8pm


A $1 million insurance policy listing Co-Production House, LLC as a loss payee is required to book our studio. If needed, short-term insurance policies can be purchased through our partner link below.

Full-service production

CPH offers several studio rental packages to fit your needs (below). We also are a full-service production company and can provide quotes at request. Call 512-351-9215 or email home@co-productionhouse.com for a price sheet or to discuss custom projects.


Traditional Studio

Use any background color, video, or image to be projected onto our LED. 


Starting rates:

  • 6hr - $900

  • 12hr - $1,500

Overhead studio lighting - $500
(12) - PavoTube II 30x

Full lighting package - $1,000
(12) - PavoTube II 30x - (3) Forza 300b - (1) Forza 60b


Includes stage rental, Unreal Engine integration, Ncam, and a VOLUME computer for your use.
(VOLUME Requires VP Producer, VP Director, Unreal & NCAM Tech)


Starting rates:

  • 6hr - $4500

  • 12hr - $7000

Overhead studio lighting - $500
(12) - PavoTube II 30x

Full lighting package - $1,000
(12) - PavoTube II 30x - (3) Forza 300b - (1) Forza 60b


Move it Anywhere

If you need a larger production space for virtual production or an LED wall for an event, we'll move our equipment for you. Choose to build in a curved, flat, or L shape. 


Starting rates:

  • Set up and tear down - $14,700

Cost includes 2-3 day set up and 1-2 day tear down, does not include daily rental price or shipping.

Contact CPH for recommendations on alternate locations based on the needs of your production. 

SISU C20 Cinema Robot


Starting rates:

  • 6hr - $2,750

  • 12hr - $3,750


  • Includes operators

  • Does not include stage rental

  • Robot relocation fee  - $4,000+


Production Office Space

  • Production Desks - $35/day (office hours only)

    • 4ft electric sit/stand desks

    • Couches

    • Kitchen area

    • Quiet rooms

    • Drinks & snacks

    • Internet

  • 4-5 person Meeting Room 

  • Lockers - (office hours)


All inclusive rate of $850/day.

(Call for availability or extended hours requests.)

2021-06-23 13.21.44.jpg

Livestream Set-Up 

Includes traditional stage rental, and a dedicated fiber line. The streaming service provider is not included.

Starting rates:

  • 6hr - $1,700

  • 12hr - $2,300

(Hire our crew and we'll produce the Live Stream for you.) 


Advantages of LED VOLUME

  • No limits - Powered by Unreal Engine & Ncam. The possibilities are endless.

  • Real-time filmmaking - Shoot multiple takes in various locations.

  • Light naturally - The light from the LED VOLUME creates a lighting result that is beautiful and flawless. 

  • Weather - Sun. Snow. Storms. Night. Day. Don’t wait for it, create it.

  • Speed - Produce an entire production in one location and change the scene in minutes. 

  • Clients - Easily change backgrounds to create a professional vibe or use the livestream set-up to save hours of testing gear, combos, and connections.