Professional Filming

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Video for Any Business 

​It's never been easier to film your content! 


From crew, to gear, to lighting, we'll provide everything you need with our professional filming packages.

Our 2,500 sq. ft. stage rental for businesses includes everything you need for production as well as a crew. This also includes a kitchenette, green room, and bathroom. Have your talent rest comfortably as we help you manage your video production.  


If you need a script, concept, or editing, we have teams for that too. Check out our Full-Service Video Production Services.​

​​Get Started

With the amazing capabilities of the VOLUME comes the ability to provide practical and affordable video productions for any business. We can easily change the image on the screen to allow you to present from anywhere in the world to communicate your message.

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In addition to our filming services consider working with our teams from concept to creation, or explore the power of the VOLUME and Unreal Engine with a custom creation.

Current Pricing

CPH offers several packages to fit your needs. We also provide custom full-service quotes at request. Call 512-351-9215 or email to book, discuss custom projects, or request flexible hours.


  • 5 hrs - 9am-2pm, 4pm-9pm 

  • 8 hrs - 9am-5pm


Just Get it Done

You may not always need a complex production. This package keeps it simple, a small crew will be waiting for you to walk-in and film! Chose any color or image to be projected onto our screen prior to your shoot. Package includes stage, equipment, camera operator, and a sound engineer.

5hr - $2,800

8hr - $3,300



Includes everything from "Just Get it Done" plus a second camera angle, a producer, and a director to ensure you're getting the most from your, production, your talent, and the crew.

5hr - $5,600

8hr - $6,400


Livestream (Coming in June)

Just walk in and broadcast! Service includes equipment, camera operator, audio engineer, technician, producer, and stage rental with a dedicated fiber line. Your content will also be available for download when you leave.

1hr special - $500 (Limited availability)

5hr - $4,650

8hr  - $6,350


VOLUME or High-end Quote

Really want to wow your Audience? Add an Unreal Engine 3D environment with camera tracking and lighting. Call to discuss your vision and we’ll work together to create your production.


For the creation of your entire video from concept to completion, check out our Video Production Services.

What is a VOLUME?

Our VOLUME stage differs from a traditional green or white screen by allowing you to put any color or environment behind you in real-time. It is constructed of LED panels (like a giant high-quality TV). This style of production saves time and cost while maintaining the professional quality you need.

Advantages of LED VOLUME

  • No Limits - Our stage is powered by Unreal Engine. The possibilities are endless.

  • Infinite Locations - Thailand today? Africa tomorrow? Space on Monday? Use our stage to film anywhere in the world and beyond, imagine the cost savings of filming multiple locations in a day and the possibilities of filming in difficult to access places, like hospitals, airports, or even Mars. 

  • Light Naturally - Use the LED VOLUME to place your talent right in the scene, creating an end result that is beautiful and flawless.  Forget the green screen! Unless you want it to be green, we can do that. ;-) 

  • Weather - Don’t wait for it, create it. Sun. Snow. Storms. Night. Day. You got it!

  • Safety - Keep your talent safe by filming in our 2,500 sq. ft., sanitized studio. Control your environment and leave COVID at the door.