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Austin Filmmaker Showcase 2021

Win a free basic stage rental at CPH!

On August _____________, we’re thrilled to host our first film and video showcase of some incredible local talent.  Please join us to celebrate the works from filmmakers at Co-Production House for a special screening at our studio in August. Winners will also be showcased and invited to speak at our September creative event.


We are currently accepting submissions for short films, music videos, and other unique videos for consideration in the program. There is a limited running time for the showcase, so we are only reviewing works that are under 15 minutes in length. Selections will screen on our VOLUME stage/studio. The person submitting must be primarily involved with the project and reside within the Austin area. Selections will include ____ free tickets to the showcase event. The Austin Filmmaker Showcase by Co-Production House is free to submit to.

Please fill out the following form to submit. Deadline is June 30, 2021.

SUBMITTER FULL NAME: ________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________
PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________________
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________

FILM/VIDEO TITLE: ___________________________
RUNNING TIME: ______________
DESCRIPTION/SYNOPSIS: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
LINK TO FILM/VIDEO: ________________________________________
DIRECTOR(S): ________________________________
PRODUCTION COMPANY/COMPANIES INVOLVED: _______________________________
MAIN CAST/TALENT: _____________________________________________________

OTHER INFORMATION: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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