VOLUME Stage | Virtual Production

Co-Production House (CPH) is proud to bring LED VOLUME technology (like Disney’s Mandalorian) to Central Texas with Austin's first virtual production studio and VOLUME stage. Our VOLUME stage includes a 20’x10’ LED wall that immerses talent in a virtual environment, placing them in locations that could otherwise be difficult or expensive to produce. With the VOLUME you can produce content all over the world, and produce more in a single day. 

Check out this quick reel from our latest project filmed entirely at our studio in Austin featuring our LED VOLUME, Ncam, Custom Unreal Environments, and integrated physical sets.



  • Virtual, traditional, & photography stage rentals

  • VOLUME stage support

  • Virtual production services

  • Custom UNREAL environments

  • In-camera VFX

  • Production crew & services

  • Production desks

  • Conference room space

  • Educational workshops

  • Creative networking events

Advantages of LED VOLUME

  • No Limits - Powered by Unreal Engine & Ncam. The possibilities are endless.

  • Real-time Filmmaking - Place your talent in the middle of a scene and shoot multiple takes in multiple locations.

  • Locations - Thailand today? Africa tomorrow? Space on Monday? Use our stage to film anywhere in the world and beyond. 

  • Light Naturally - The light from the LED VOLUME creates a lighting result that is beautiful and flawless. 

  • Weather - Sun. Snow. Storms. Night. Day. Don’t wait for it, create it.

  • Speed - Produce an entire production in one location and change the scene in minutes. 

  • Safety - Keep your cast and crews safe by filming in our 2,500 sq. ft., controlled environment. 

  • Clients - Easily change backgrounds to create a professional vibe or use the livestream set-up to save hours of testing gear, combos, and connections.


Creative Events

Enjoy creative networking, live music, art, and virtual demos. Explore the opportunity to learn from industry experts, listen to some great live music, and meet amazing artists.

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Who We Are

CPH was founded by Justin Kirchhoff, Kristina Smith, and Keller Davis who saw a need for a creative space coupled with new technology that also supports community growth.

We're a community for film & media professionals that are passionate about staying ahead in the industry. In addition to a rentable stage and full-service production, CPH offers job opportunities and discounts for our members, rentable production desks, and excellent creative events.



7601 S. Congress Avenue, Suite 130

 Austin, TX 78745

(512) 351-9215 

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