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VOLUME Stage | Virtual Production

Co-Production House (CPH) has brought LED VOLUME technology to Texas with Austin's experienced virtual production studio. Our local team is passionate about supporting our community while staying ahead in the industry. The 50’x12’ LED wall immerses talent in any environment. At CPH, you can produce more content in a single day, in multiple locations. Large or small, we're here to support your production needs. 


Check out these ICVFX examples featuring the LED VOLUME, Ncam, and custom Unreal Environments.

Virtual Production with In-Camera VFX

Virtual Production with In-Camera VFX

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Studio Specs

  • 2,500 sq. ft. stage | 200 amps of 3-phase electricity 

  • 50’x12’ LED wall (use as virtual environment, solid backdrop, or set extension) 

  • 12ft x 14ft loading dock door | Green room with kitchenette

  • 1,500 sq. ft production /office space 

A $1 million insurance policy listing Co-Production House, LLC as a loss payee is required to book our studio. If needed, short-term insurance policies can be purchased through our partner link.

Current Studio Rental Pricing

Full-service production pricing sheet available at request. 


Traditional Studio Rental

Use any background color, video, or image on the LED.


Starting rates:

  • 6hr - $900  |  12hr - $1,500

Overhead lighting (12) - PavoTube II 30x - $500

Full package  Overhead+ 3) Forza 300b & (1) Forza 60b - $1,000


VOLUME Stage Rental

Includes traditional stage rental + Unreal Engine integration, Ncam, and a VOLUME computer. (Rental often requires our virtual production crew)


Starting rates:

  • 12hr - $7,000

  • VP Crew - $4,725

Overhead lighting (12) - PavoTube II 30x - $500

Full package  Overhead+ 3) Forza 300b & (1) Forza 60b - $1,000


Move it Anywhere

If you need a larger space for virtual production or an LED wall for an event, we'll move our equipment for you. Choose to build in a curved, flat, J, or L shape. 


Starting rates:

  • Set up and tear down - $14,700

Cost includes 2-3 day set up and 1-2 day tear down, does not include daily rental price or shipping. Contact us for recommendations on alternate locations.

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SISU C20 Cinema Robot

Maximize efficiency and increase production value with our C20 robot. 

  • Wingspan - 13.2 ft

  • Repeatable & accurate within .04 mm

  • Includes operator.


Contact us for current rates.


Production Office Space

  • 4ft electric sit/stand desks

  • Couches

  • Kitchen area / bathroom

  • Quiet/changing room

  • Internet

  • Lockers


Starting rates:

  • Full Suite (6-12hr) - $850

  • Individual Desk - $35/day (office hours only)


Phone: (512) 351-9215

Address: 7601 S. Congress Avenue, Suite 130-140

Austin, TX 78745 

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm CST

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