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Virtual Production Studio

Co-Production House (CPH) is Austin's virtual production studio. We built our studio from the ground up to serve our community and the advancement of technology for the Texas film industry. 


Custom 3D environments are created by our team in Unreal Engine to create photorealistic, artistic, or branded worlds. Film with your choice of camera tracking systems (Ncam or the Sisu C20 cinema robot) or use your custom environment as a backdrop with our hybrid approach. 

Check out the Virtual Production Series, Mastering The Volume, and these other ICVFX examples featuring our studio's VOLUME and Virtual Production services.

Virtual Production with In-Camera VFX
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Stephen Mills' POE / A TALE OF MADNESS [Cinematic 4K Trailer] - Mar. 22-24, 2024 | The Long Center
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Mastering the Volume: Expand your Scale with Photogrammetry
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Mastering The Volume: Ep 1 - Our Beginnings
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Co-Production House - Produce Virtually Anything
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Virtual Production